Born For Us

Merry Christmas! It is so good to be with all of you in a beautiful and sacred space on the most joyful night of the year. The night when Love came into the world – the night when God made a way into human history – in a way no one could ever expect. The Christmas story is so familiar to our ears. The images of angels and shepherds are right alongside the images of Linus and his blanket telling us that Christmas isn’t about the presents or the biggest tree – but it’s about this story. The story of God announcing that peace has come to earth – proclaiming good news of great joy for the world. But how does this story connect with our world in 2016? What do angels and shepherds have to do

Joy Can Hold Our Doubts

Do remember what airport security was like before 9/11? It was there – but it was lax – not like now. When I was a kid my dad traveled a lot and I was very accustomed to going with my mom to the airport to pick him up. She always wanted to meet him at the gate. That’s unheard of now of course, unless you have a ticket or are meeting a child. Back then it was also “not allowed” officially. I would always point this out to my mother as I really do not like breaking clearly posted rules – and she would look at me at say – Arianne, here’s a life lesson, if you look like you know what you’re doing and are supposed to be doing what you’re doing –people will leave you alone. Embody confidenc


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10:00 am – Online Morning Prayer

Our building is currently closed and we are gathering for worship online only. All activities at the church are suspended until further notice.

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