The operative words in today’s Gospel, John’s account, of the Feeding of the 5000 are “Make the people sit down.” Now first a little background is in order. The feeding of the multitude is a miracle that occurs six times in the four gospels. The feeding of the 5000 in each gospel and a more intimate feeding, only 4000, is Matthew and Mark. Some New Testament scholars by shear volume call this the greatest of Jesus’ miracles. This, however, befits the shaky scholarship of the Jesus Seminar and too little of grasping the larger picture and deeper meanings. Now I want today to look at what specifically makes John’s story especially significant. First of all, John is the most Jewish of all

Our Shadow Sides

St. Paul had an experience of God – a dramatic one (Gal 1, Acts 9, 2 Cor 12) – where he was reminded that God loves him. Despite the hatred and violence that had driven his zeal for religion – God still loved him. "Why are you persecuting me?" That was the question he heard when he was dramatically struck down on the road to Damascus – why are you persecuting me? Up until that point in his life – his religion had been a religion of duty. For Paul – everything about religion was outside of himself – it was what you did – where you went – what groups you were part of. God was something – out there (David – build a house, out there) – requiring homage and fidelity and adherence to strict ru

Good News: Real & Messy

I was asked this week – What industry do you work in? To which I answered – the good news of forgiveness industry – frankly – a much more accurate statement than saying – religion. At ordination a priest is told: You are to preach, to declare God's forgiveness to penitent sinners, and to pronounce God's blessing. So for me, that’s the underlying message of every homily or sermon – no matter the theme or season. But my friends – Mark does not make that easy this morning. No he does not! Martin Luther quipped a priest should be able to squeeze a passage until it yields good news…so, I’d like to try that. Maybe not squeezing it so much – as delving into the details – for God, not the devi

Helping Hands

The ASP trip to Knott County, Kentucky was super fun! Our church and St. Martin’s in the Field were split up into groups and drove down in 5 vans. Getting to know the other youth from St. Martin’s was very welcoming. There were also other churches from around the country. Our groups were able to work on assigned houses that needed work such as a new tin roof, a porch, insulation, or new painted walls. The families of each home were very welcoming and we were able to create a bond with them, even if we didn’t work on their house. This trip made us appreciate the things that we have and realize that helping others can be a god-given moment. In our parish we give thanks for Sydney Lavin, Julian

God's Good Enough Grace

“For God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength” (1 Cor 1:25) In the earlier letter Paul writes to the Corinthians – he uses that more well-known phrase in line with what we hear in his excerpt this morning. That if we boast in God – we boast through our weaknesses for that is how we grow the power of God in ourselves. God’s foolishness is wiser than our wisdom – God’s weakness is stronger than our strength. This is a rather strange idea. And Paul tells a rather strange story this morning – “I know someone who was carried to the third heaven.” he says. And it’s even more odd because he doesn’t say, this happened to me – but speaks of h

Wholesome Healing of God

What is your favorite sandwich? Not the gospel-prompting question you were probably expecting this morning perhaps? So, what is it? Me – I like a turkey club – you know with the layers, which is kinda like a sandwich, within a sandwich – two for the price of one.* There is a gospel reason I am talking about sandwiches. This morning, we have an example from Mark known by the scholarly term of intercalation – which means – to sandwich. We heard a story within a story- two for the price of one. Both are about healing. Both model what God would have us do – reach out, cross boundaries, pay attention to the people the world casts off and doesn’t want to deal with. Yet the layering of the de


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