Take Heart!

“Son of David, have mercy on me!” Jesus stood still and said, “Call him here.” And they called the blind man, saying to him, “Take heart; get up, he is calling you.” (Mark 10) Why do we always try and tie everything up in a neat, little bow? This morning's excerpt from Job is Job's reply to God's (4 chapter!) soliloquy making clear who is in charge, and who has been in charge since the beginning. While poor Job - subject of a divine bet to see if a truly upright man would stay faithful to God despite non-stop calamity - had been begging to be heard for about 38 chapters, when God finally does reply, it isn't the "answer" he wants to hear. He want's to know - why? Why the suffering? Why th

Parishioner Reflection: Our Refugee Ministry

In the past weeks the focus in our house has been squarely on Central America. On Oct. 14th we were glued to the coverage from the Vatican as the martyred Oscar Romero, former archbishop in El Salvador, was made a saint of the Catholic Church. And now as I write this we are saddened to watch another caravan of refugees fleeing Central America and facing hostilities and threats as they try to make their way north to a better life for themselves and their families. We find ourselves wondering what can we, as the Body of Christ, do for our brothers and sisters in Central America? What is our role in this situation? At Church of the Good Shepherd we have been engaged for the past two years in

God is God and I am Not

This past summer, I spent a week visiting my friend Vanessa in Manhattan. While it wasn’t my first time visiting NY, it was my first time staying for longer than a weekend. One morning, while Vanessa was at work, I decided to take the subway downtown to the Village. We were between stations when all of a sudden, the subway lurched to a stop. I then realized three things all at once: I didn’t have cell phone service, the air conditioner wasn’t on, and there was nothing I could do about it. As I was sitting there, feeling my heart rate increase as my anxiety started to take over, a man came in from the car behind ours. Now this man was about my age, but he was screaming and literally stomping

What's Really at Issue?

Sometimes the issue is not the issue.* True in friendships – relationships with parents – and definitely in a marriage. The arguments may be about who is doing or not doing the chores – the grocery shopping. About money or how time is spent – but ultimately – at least one party – if not both – know there are issues underneath the issues. Respect, control, validation – mutual love. Maybe an unsettled awareness that the relationship is no longer lifegiving. No other scripture that hits us immediately – when we hear “divorce” and “adultery” proclaimed in the gospel – we immediately think of ourselves, how could we not? Our own circumstances – our own choices – or the choices of friends, pa

The Leash of Christ

May I speak in the name of our creative, redemptive, challenging God. Amen. I’ve learned a lot about God from my dog Annie. Joel and I adopted in Annie in 2015. And naturally, she’s perfect. Annie’s a hound, which means she’s very intelligent, very stubborn, and very food motivated. And I was surprised at how quickly I fell in love with her when we brought her home. Annie teaches me about God in two big, very different ways. On the one hand, she teaches me about God through her enthusiastic, unconditional love. Annie does that thing that dogs are so well-known for: when one of us comes home, there she is: running down the stairs, jumping up to greet us, tail wagging. Once she settles down, s


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