Who Are You?

In this morning's gospel, Jesus is doing what he typically does when people point out the faults of others - he holds up a mirror. Because one of the challenges of discipleship is always examining the motivations of our own hearts, our own words and actions. And the good news of the gospel is even though its hard work, it will lead to an abundance of fruit - of gifts. Just like a patient farmer God will give us time to prune back what we don't need and cultivate what we do. Moses is an inspiring and relatable example for us this morning in his famous encounter with God in the burning bush. Moses is not at all eager to answer God's call and live into his gifts as a liberator of people. Mo

Tenacity, Courage & Vulnerability

"They can be tenacious in a pack!" That was the headline that greeted me when I opened my email Inbox. After spending a good hour reading commentary after commentary on the strange metaphor in this morning's gospel - Herod the fox and Jesus the hen. I decided to take a break and open my daily news feed email - which always began with one of those viral, but not really newsworthy stories from the internet world, The "tenacity" was referencing a pack of hens, who took matters into their own hands in their hen house when a fox broke in. They ganged up on him and hen-pecked (pardon the pun) that fox to death, literally. And while that farm event doesn't bear any similarity with what Jesus i

Spiritual Pruning

A couple of years ago, I read a book about gardening. Joel and I had just moved into a townhouse with a small back yard. The landlord said we were free to plant a garden. So I did my research. This was a big book. Maybe about 600 pages or so. I read the whole thing, cover to cover. What I’m trying to say is that I’m basically an expert. While I was researching what to plant, I came upon a technique I’d never heard of before: espalier. This is a technique A technique where fruit trees (apple, pear, peach, etc) are trained to grow on a flat plane. Walls, fences. That sort of thing. Espalier was developed in cooler climates. Fruit needs warmth to ripen. So some brilliant person discovered that

The Beauty of Holiness

Each year, on the first Monday in May, The Metropolitan Museum of Art partners with Vogue Magazine to host the Met Gala. The Met Gala is a black-tie benefit to raise money for the Costume Institute, essentially the Met’s fashion department. The event coincides with the Costume Institute’s annual themed exhibit. And so, every year, 5th Ave is packed with celebrities and philanthropists who have come to see and be seen. Because this is a red carpet event hosted by the most famous fashion magazine in the world, there is an expectation that guests will arrive in couture, high fashion outfits that go with the year’s theme. In 2018, that theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagina


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