Running Scared

So here we are. Ordinary time. Although there is nothing ordinary about that gospel! “My name is Legion.” We don’t get that very often. In these weeks before Advent there is a choice of readings from the Hebrew bible. One track follows its own narrative. This year, we cycle through the story of the prophets, like this morning with Elijah. And in the other track, from the BCP lectionary, the readings connect thematically with the gospel, underscoring a theme or two. I chose the first for these coming weeks because I want us to dive into these prophets. People just like you and me, called to name where God is in our midst. Each of their journey’s are fascinating - their relationship wi


Yesterday I was standing on line to get a bagel. In front of me was a mom, her two year old son – maybe 2 ½ - and her baby. The baby was in a car seat carrier. The young mom was at the counter order their breakfast juggling juice bottles and car keys and a purse. She put the car seat on the floor – and while she was ordering – her son was shouting up at the counter – look, I have a sister, I have a sister – over and over again. The cashier was doing a good job of listening to the mom – who had honed the necessary skill of tuning out her son’s chanting – and smiling at the boy. Because of the tall counter, what you could only see from my side was that ever time the boy shouted with joy –

Very truly I tell you

Today is the last Sunday we’re going to see our paschal candle front and center for awhile – until April something 2020. As you know everything in worship is a sign – it points to a truth. The candle is the light of Christ – the baptismal candle – in baptism we receive the light of Christ. I abide in God and God abides in me. That is the ultimate truth statement Jesus shares this morning – another way of pointing to this light that is within us and we are within always. And Jesus says the Advocate will be with us to teach us this truth – again and again. Wisdom isn’t knowledge we accumulate. Wisdom comes from within us and we reconnect with it thru experience. Wisdom is the deep awarenes


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