Making a Difference One Starfish at a Time

My introduction to SLYC (St. Luke’s Youth Center) was serving lunch at Camp Imagination when it was still held at St Luke’s. After lunch was D.E.A.R. – Drop Everything And Read - Time. I read with a second-grade boy who was really struggling, and my heart went out to him. Here was a child who was already far behind his grade level, locked up with frustration; would working with a tutor help him open up and enjoy learning to read? His potential inspired me to give volunteering with SLYC a try once the school year started. I ended up not working with that particular child, who got an outside mentor, but with a variety of students ages 8 to 13, most of whom need help with math or someone to

"I Got You Babe!"

When Jesus tells the parable about the shepherd who chases after the one lost sheep, we think a) it's our responsibility to do the same, or b) if only we would stop sinning, making mistakes and messing up we wouldn't need to be found! But guess what, neither is true! The parable isn't about us, it's a supportive and encouraging reminder about God - who is always ready to pick us up! Arianne's sermon on The Parable of the Lost Sheep from Luke's Gospel. Did you ever wonder, or maybe you already know, why the Nicene Creed always comes directly after the sermon? Well, since you asked, it’s our response to the sermon. The response church authorities have dictated to ensure that no matter what wa

Super Power of Love

What does a letter from St. Paul, an athlete's heartfelt show of support, and Jesus' challenge to count the cost have in common? Love, the super power of love. Good morning. It is good to see you. Back to our "regular programming" of 8am and 10am. There is something good about taking a break from routine and then coming back to it!.So, it really is good to see you. You know at one of my first 8am homily’s at a different church, we read a different excerpt from Paul, his letter to the Philippians. Where he includes one of my favorite, because it’s the reason for faith, he writes – Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I saw rejoice! I opened my sermon at that 8am service joyfully proclaiming

Where Do I Sit?

All of us know, or remember, that feeling of walking into the school cafeteria and not knowing where to sit. Who is friend? Who is foe? What clique do I belong in? What clique do I want to belong in? When I hear today's gospel, I immediately remember the times in my life when choosing the "right" seat felt like a make or break decision! This is such a great opening to a gospel story – they were watching him closely. And Jesus, he was watching them closely too. Because this is what we do at social gatherings – or work events. Or when the two are one and the same, like dinner parties. We watch everyone closely to see where people will sit – who people are talking to – wondering – where do I


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