Full of Grace

In the 19th Century in Japan there was a Buddhist master named Nan-in. He received a famous college professor who wanted to inquire about Zen Buddhism. Nan-in served tea. He poured the tea into the cup and kept pouring until it overflowed. When the professor could restrain himself no longer he said,"wait, stop, it is overfull, no more will go in." Nan-in said, "you are this cup. You are full of your own ideas, beliefs and conjectures. I cannot teach you anything unless you first empty your cup." The pharisee in today's gospel is full of himself. He boasts of his own importance and piety. He has no need of other people. He has no need of God. The Tax collector makes no claims for himself. He

Don't lose heart! Have courage!

Good morning! My name is Mabeth Hudson and I chair the outreach committee. This candle I’m holding is a symbol of our Outreach ministry. Each outreach committee member here today has one. I’m here to encourage you to shine your unique light to love and serve- to become part of God’s healing work. Also, I want to thank you for your financial support that helps serve our neighbors in need. In the world of the needy there’s a lot. So much need everywhere. It can be overwhelming. Especially the current state of our city and our neighbors just a few miles away. There’s a lot of suffering and many people who need help- especially the children. We could lose heart. But let’s not. Let’s give heart

Gratitude is an Embodied Attitude

Ten were made clean. One was made whole. All ten were healed but only one was made whole. The one who stopped, noticed, turned and gave thanks. Is that it? Is that all we need to do, say, "thank you?" Yes, and. It's not often we encounter a surprised Jesus. Jesus is usually questioning, challenging, teaching or healing. Rarely is he surprised. But here he is surprised by the foreigner, the Samaritan, the one no one would expect to give thanks and praise to God, through Jesus. And we're to be surprised too because Samaritans always surprise us in the gospels! Jesus' disciples are surprised and a little taken aback that Jesus would dare to speak with a Samaritan woman at a well. The young law

Sunny Apartment

By the time I arrived in Greektown with a carload of boxes and lamps from Lesli’s Drumcastle apartment, her door was open and the moving van full of their furniture and more boxes was on its way. It had been a four year journey, from our small group meetings at Good Shepherd to discern whether our parish community could even begin to support a refugee family, to this moment of independence. Once that answer was a clear affirmative, God led us to Lesli, a brave young asylee from Honduras with two school-age children, whose engaging infant, Gretchen had held and cuddled at Asylee Women’s Enterprise. Many of us attended training sessions to learn about the challenges facing refugees and enliste

Welcome The Rev. Van Gardner!

It is a joy to share with you that The Rev. Van Gardner has joined Good Shepherd, part-time as Pastoral Associate & Missioner for Outreach and Community Engagement. A long job-title, but one befitting his gifts and the ways in which he will contribute to the life of our community. As you can read from his bio (below) Van has a lifetime of experience as a priest in our diocese. It was a lunch meeting about seven years ago that led to our relationship with St. Luke's church in Baltimore and our support of the youth program, SLYC, that grew out of the life of that congregation. At Good Shepherd you will see Van on Sundays, sharing in leading worship. Van will be the clergy contact for outreach

Seeing Like Francis

On Sunday, 10/6 at Good Shepherd we celebrated the Feast of St. Francis. At 10 am we invited creatures great and small (and stuffed!) to worship with us. Something that pulls us out of our ordinary motions of worship and certainly adds joy and fun to our traditional gathering. You can listen to a recording of the sermon shared at 8 am while enjoying pictures from the 10 am! May we all learn to see with an incarnational worldview as Francis did, embodying the truth that God is within everyone and everything all the time! (These remarks are inspired by these daily meditations of Richard Rohr, as well as his book The Universal Christ)

Caring for Creation

Oh God of all, at this time of our gradual awakening to the dangers we are imposing on our beautiful Earth, open the hearts and minds of all your children, that we may learn to nurture rather than destroy our planet.--Lorraine R. Schmitz, Earth Prayers from Around the World If you’re like most Good Shepherd families, most of your waste goes into trash cans and recycling bins. Some of us use a compost bin, too. TerraCycle is an innovative, accessible, free way for you to reduce the amount of hard-to-recycle waste that Baltimore County must incinerate or bury in a landfill. You’ll help earn charity points that our youngest parishioners designate to organizations like the Maryland Food Bank and

Parables Are Like a Smith Island Cake!

The last time I preached we were in Luke 15. A chapter I encouraged you to know, where to find when in need of a lifejacket for your faith. Because it is three glorious and uplifting parables about the overwhelming, never-ending reckless love of God. Today, we’ve moved to chapter 16 and oh, what a difference a chapter makes. One could make the mistake, but you won’t, you’re too smart, of hearing these parables as the flip side of that extravagant love coin. The parables in 16 are hard, a steward who is punished for how he squanders his manager’s money and then the rich man and Lazarus. The rich man realizing far too late that separation is the consequence of his stingy fear. It’s as if one


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