What Do You Need to Remember?

Can you remember where you were and what was going on in your life at this time last year? Thanksgiving 2018, do you remember? Can you remember who you were with, what you did, where you ate? Do you remember your state of mind, what was going on in your life and how you were handling it? Maybe Thanksgiving last year was not very memorable. It came and went. Maybe last year at this time is a memory you would just as soon forget – not dwell on – move past. Remembering is a very conscientious act. We bring something from the past into the present. We bring who we were – into relationship with who we are. We bring something we did, or experienced forward so we can see it in a new light. Maybe

The Seafarer's Life

In spring 2004, I bid a fond farewell to my field ed experience here at this parish, graduated from seminary, and was ordained a transitional deacon. Meanwhile, vocational Deacon Ed Munro, who’d founded the Baltimore International Seafarers’ Center as a volunteer, was ready to move on. Ministry to international cargo ship crews docked in Baltimore had become more complicated, by new security rules and other changes. The diocese agreed that the seafarers’ center should be directed by a priest--which is what I would become 7 months later--with a full-time salary. There were just a few little challenges with this vision. For instance, we had no clue where this salary would come from. So several

How Can You Sing God's Love Song?

From the psalm for today "Sing to the Lord a new song for He has done marvelous things. Shout with joy to the Lord All Ye Lands, lift up your voice rejoice and sing”. Last week I was in the waiting room at the hospital. Whether you're there for a routine test or something more serious, there's an air of anxiety and uncertainty. People sit quietly or make small talk. As I sat there, I noticed music playing in the background. At first I couldn't recognize the tunes but then I realized they were old hymns and spirituals, Amazing Grace, Down by the Riverside, Old Rugged Cross. I looked at all those anxious faces and I thought about how many people over the years have found strength and com

See Like a Saint!

The Feast of All Saints! When we remember we are knit together in one community, past and present. We remember that we are all called to be saints - called to live into a new way of seeing the world and ourselves. Seeing the way God sees us all the time! The Sermon on the Plain is filled with blessings, but I worry all that we hear is "woe is me." We hear Jesus' description as judgement, instead of invitation. We hear condemnation instead of support for our struggles. We hear the ways in which we are not good enough, will never measure up to these challenging benchmarks. Idealistic behaviors that only a saint could live into. Thomas Merton wrote about an immediate and personal experience whe

Assistance Center of Towson Churches (ACTC) Outreach Ministry

ACTC has been in operation in Towson for more than 30 years, but it actually began before that at the Church of the Holy Comforter. Holy Comforter then got more churches in the area involved and soon needed a space so they moved to a small house near the Calvary Church at 116 Pennsylvania Avenue. Speaking with Suzanne Whitney, the Good Shepherd liaison this year for our Thanksgiving drive, it is amazing all of the services that ACTC provides to the needy in portions of Baltimore County. [endif]--ACTC has grown from a group of 14 churches, to an organization of 50 congregations and 60+ volunteers. Together, they carry on the founders' ecumenical mission of providing emergency services to need

“Loaves and Fishes” Outreach Ministry

“Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor.” Proverbs 22:9 According to St. Vincent de Paul, there are over 750,000 people (one in every 8) in Maryland who are food insecure, meaning they don’t have consistent access to nutritious food. Many of those people live in Baltimore City, where the food insecurity rate of 23% is by far the highest of any jurisdiction the state. 1 in 4 of Baltimore City’s school aged children are hungry when they arrive to school and some having not eaten a full meal since they left school the day before. The parishioners of Good Shepherd have been helping to feed the homeless and less fortunate in Baltimore City for more tha


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