What Might You Ponder Anew?

This morning is the feast of the Baptism of Jesus. And this occasion prompts an interesting question. Why does Jesus need to be baptized? Baptism is the forgiveness of sins. Does Jesus have sins to be forgiven? We don’t know anything about him between this moment, the beginning of his ministry, and his birth. Just a swath of time where who knows what has happened. The idea that Jesus does need baptism sparks controversy and argument. What would the son of God, the incarnate God need to be forgiven for? Does Jesus need to be baptized to make incarnation real? God with us, God sharing our humanity, so therefore Jesus needs to do what we need to do. Jesus needs to be baptized, needs the rit

Listen With Your Heart

When we listen with our hearts we connect with what rings true. The magi had courageous curiosity to follow their hearts into unknown and scary territory. Epiphany is the revelation that God's people are all people, called to follow the truth that connects our hearts. One of the things that’s unique and cool and amazing about the feast of the Epiphany is that we don’t hear from Jesus. It's not just that we don't hear from him. The stories aren't really about him. I know, I know, he is born. But these celebrations celebrate much more than that. It's about how everything changed. How we went from thinking God was separate from us, to an event that revealed God is one with us. How we went from


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