A few thoughts on "social distancing" from a self-confessed introvert

If, just a few weeks ago, you had told me that I didn't have to go to any more meetings where everyone present felt the need to express an opinion on every subject or, that I didn't need to go to some social gathering where I was expected to make small talk with people that I do not know, I would have been a very happy fellow. As Judi Dench said to Geoffrey Palmer, "you don't do chit chat do you?" to which he replied, "I don't even do chit." Please don't misunderstand me. I love to get to know people, to hear their stories and learn about their lives. I treasure my family and friends. Serving in communities of faith where folks worship, pray, struggle and grow together continues to be a bles

Have Faith

“What do we do to perform the works of God?” the disciples asked Jesus “This is what you must do,” Jesus answered – “have faith” That’s what we just heard (John 6:27-40). When Jesus says – believe in me – that means – have faith. Living our faith. That is godly work. Especially in time such as this. Faith is the starting place. Faith is what begins all good work. Living our faith is what following Jesus is all about. Which is why that is what he tells his anxious disciples to do. Have faith. Because faith is a verb – it is active – it is engaged. Faith is the sign by which people know not just who we are – but whose we are. How great it is that we should be called children of God – for that

If you gave this up for Lent.

Our temptations are not Jesus’ temptations, but from the garden to the wilderness, one method of the Tempter is the same. The Tempter – or Accuser – wants us to believe that our satisfaction with who we are – our contentment with the way things are lies outside of ourselves. That our growth is contingent on situational circumstance. For instance, there is knowledge, or status, or credentials we must acquire take in like an apple. Once we do that, then all will be well or known or understood. Or, there is something or someone that must change or go away. In other people or in ourselves in order for everything to be all right. In order for us to really be who we believe we are. As Rowan Willia


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