Intentions of the Heart

This morning let me just cut to the chase. If my sermon had a title it would be "Do I Embody My Intentions?" I didn't used to really understand this word embodiment and what it means to embody something. Like many concepts I experienced it, before really "getting it." And one experience that occurred to me was a teaching that stayed with me from my 20s. Back then I was pursuing a career in opera and in singing and a vocal coach suggested that I try on working with someone who would teach me the Alexander technique. The Alexander Technique, developed I think in the early 19th century, helps actors,performers speakers, anyone interested really, learn how to use their whole body in sharing the

A Pattern of Prayer

Whenever I read a scripture story, the first thing I try and notice is how Jesus makes me feel. Does Jesus make me feel comforted? Calm my anxiety? Or, dare I say, do I get ticked off - because I disagree with something Jesus says? Of course, I also sometimes feel love and acceptance. I feel challenged and scared when I hear Jesus asking or calling me to do something that I really don't want to do. These feelings are clues, I believe, for us listen and get curious about. And this morning, I feel some envy. I don't mean envy about being able to walk on water. It's envy around something I know I can do but I don't - prioritize and discipline myself the way Jesus does when it comes to prayer.


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