Ought to Be

Some of you have noted – and asked me about – the Lord’s Prayer we’ve been using all summer. It’s different. It is what we call the “contemporary” version of the prayer – which yes, is found in our Book of Common Prayer – although saying it’s contemporary is a bit of a stretch. The BCP is from 1979. We are all very used to the version with thy kingdom come, thy will be done. This version is in words less familiar to us in the prayer – but certainly more common in our everyday speech – your kingdom come, your will be done. Which in point of fact – is also the way we would read Jesus teaching the Lord’s prayer in Matthew and in Luke. We wouldn’t hear the word “thy” because – well, that word we

Give Forward

If you are hoping I will unpack the parable in our gospel this morning to make it more digestible, I am sorry to disappoint! It is just a hard parable plain and simple. It’s violent, isn’t it? We read he “grabbed him by the throat.” And all the while it’s a parable about forgiveness - what is up with that? How do we reconcile such violent language with an act of mercy? Whatever the reason Matthew’s Jesus uses this imagery to tell a story that is focused on forgiveness and mercy, I have to believe there was a desire for a parable with shock value. Something that would WAKE US UP – when it comes to who God is calling us to be – who God is calling us to be in our individual lives – and in our c

Let Love be Genuine

How does Peter go from being the rock on which Jesus will build his church, to being the stumbling block in Jesus’ way? Just like Peter I often do not want to hear what following Jesus entails. I did not want to deal with this gospel this week. I didn’t even want us to hear it. Technically, I can do that at 10am – because it’s morning prayer. But I can’t do that at 8am – because it’s Holy Eucharist. You have to hear the breaking open of the good news – the word of God – before you receive the breaking open of the bread. Full course gospel meal. I want good news I can use. I want to take it in and go and do the work of God – how about you? I can do what Peter did last week – I can confess th


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