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Children's Chapel




We offer nursery care for infants and preschool age children during our 10 am worship service beginning September 8. 

Chapel is a 30-minute liturgy of the word that happens during our 10am worship service for children to experience the love of God through storytelling, music, games, dancing, and crafts. Worship leaders and acolytes lead the children to their worship space after the opening our our liturgy and accompany them back to join their families during the Peace.


The children begin chapel by preparing the altar with the altar linen, a cross and candles. As the altar represents God’s presence in our worship and the Holy Table of Communion, the vesting of our chapel altar by the children has become an integral part of our worship together. We have fun together singing songs, playing games, and learning about the love of God through Christ.

Join us on Sunday mornings to experience God’s love in a caring and compassionate community!  Parents are welcome and encouraged to join their children for chapel. If you have questions please contact the church office.


The Youth Group at Good Shepherd engages in fun and service. We meet regularly during the year and encourage our youth to participate in worship. 


Confirmation is a sacrament where those baptized as infants or adults without the laying on of hands by a bishop make a public affirmation of their Christian faith and recommit themselves to their baptismal vows with the laying on of hands by a bishop. 

Youth Group
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