April 20, 2017

St. Luke’s offers the opportunity to be in a faith-based community with others who support the growth of children in healthy ways. The people of St. Luke’s provide nurturing opportunities for all who join them to discover both their individual voices and their individu...

In the name of the One who rose victorious from death so that we might know everlasting life – the Son of God – Jesus Christ – Amen.

Rose victorious - Raise the strain - Triumphant gladness!

Victory – triumph! Our prayers and songs are all of the “winning” variety! And w...

Of all the Sunday worship services in a year – Palm Sunday is entirely unique and downright strange.

We start in a different place. Bless palm leaves. And go straight to a gospel reading describing Jesus’ final entry into Jerusalem. We hear that he was welcomed by adori...

"Pop, pop, pop!" It was that rapid fire succession that I usually associate with Fourth of July and fireworks. But last week wasn't the midpoint of summer, it was the midpoint of Lent. And I was settling into the first day of a Lenten retreat, "Centering Prayer and Non...

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