One Sunday afternoon awhile back, my daughter, said to me – you know Mom there should be a suggestion box in the back of the church.  And I laughed and replied oh there is Dorothea – its right between my ears! 

Most of the time when someone makes a suggestion regar...

June 21, 2017

Mindfulness practice teaches that we always get to choose what gets our attention-and how to attend. We learn to embrace with skill and clarity whatever life brings, recognizing each moment as precious and worthy of our full attention and gratitude, even when life does...

A sermon for the Feast of the Holy Trinity.  

With thanks to:

The Rev. James Farwell, Professor of Theology and Liturgy, Virginia Theological Seminary

The Shack, and the bible study group of The Church of the Good Shepherd!

Scripture assigned for the day, Trinity Sunday Ye...


Pentecost has always been a harder story for me to take in than resurrection.  Rushing winds – tongues of fire – and a seemingly magical ability to understand languages that are unknown?  Sounds much more Hollywood than Christ being raised from the dead.

But – som...

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