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  • Ed MacVaugh, Delegate

Diocesan Gathering 2017

I was again honored to help represent our church at the Diocesan Convention. You can be confident that our diocese is being run in a godly, caring and ethical manner by a team of devoted, hardworking folks. As is the nature of these gatherings, time was spent on the business and logistical aspects of running an organization, with committee reports and fiscal analyses being shared. But overwhelmingly, we engaged in worship and fellowship with clergy and lay delegates from across our diocese from the Western Shore through Western Maryland, including our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry!

The business of the second day of Convention was reviewing proposals and policies considered for implementation in our community. These included a continuing dialog regarding reparations for past discrimination, methods of assisting the large number of small congregations throughout the community, assisting in the resettlement of refugees, a comprehensive policy regarding firearms on church property, and appropriate compensation of clergy, staff, and employees of churches.

I would be delighted to share, individually, my impressions and sense of these matters with any interested fellow parishioners and can use what I learned to help find answers to any questions that might arise.

Ed MacVaugh

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