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Habitat and Humor

Who can imagine cleaning out trash from vacant lots, organizing lumber and hardware materials being a joyful and humorous experience? My daughter Anne Noon and I were fortunate to be part of a very lively "family" Church of Good Shepherd team this past Saturday May 19. The weather was cool, but the heat was on to get the vacant lot cleaned up! So 10 of us went to work, scraping materials, transferring equipment from one mobile office to another, and organizing nuts and bolts. What a blast, and an accomplished feeling when the work was done. It was a true picture of team work, letting the better "organizers" lead the way with their ideas, the rest of us supporting. When expertise ran dry, another team member would step up, but we never stopped working in sync. The laughter you could hear all around, and we hope that the Govan's neighbors could hear our joy and laughter, working to help better their community. Many thanks to Clai Carr for his non-stop humor, and to the Habitat team for their direction. The ending was the best when we randomly ran into the President and CEO of Chesapeake Habitat who was doing a Facebook live tour, we were the first volunteers he had encountered all day,

ending with a wonderful interview with Clai. Check it out!

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