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  • Amy Nahley and John Scott

Welcoming a Refugee Family

The world is currently experiencing the worst refugee crisis since World War II. If you have watched the heartbreaking news reports of families forced to flee their homes and wondered if there is anything you can do to help, here is an opportunity. Our church is partnering with Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area to sponsor a refugee family in the Baltimore area. LSS is one of nine official refugee resettlement agencies in the United States. The families that they assist with resettlement are all thoroughly vetted by the US State Department, and LSS has a long and distinguished record of helping refugees to rebuild their lives in this country.

Families who arrive as part of the LSS refugee program are expected to find jobs that will allow them to fully support themselves within 12 months. Arrangements for housing must be made, children must be enrolled in school, doctors must be found to treat any medical issues, and they must figure out transportation. The people of Good Shepherd will be helping one family navigate all of these arrangements, and we welcome your support.

Here are the areas where you could help:

Employment: The most critical piece of the puzzle is employment for the adult family members. Many refugees possess a broad range of skills, and they are eager to begin providing for their families again. Do you know any business owners who might be able to help with this?

Housing: We are researching rental housing for the family. We are focusing on the Towson/Timonium area, due to easy access to public transportation and good school options. Do you have any contacts at any rental properties in that area?

Transportation: Good Shepherd is coordinating a list of volunteers who will be able to drive the family to appointments, but as you can imagine, having access to a car would be a tremendous asset for the family. Do you know anyone who could donate a used car?

Medical Care: Do you know any doctors or dentists who would be willing to provide care to a refugee family? The family will be eligible for Medicaid during their first year in the US.

In-kind Donations: The family will need help furnishing their new home. Good Shepherd is coordinating donations of furniture and home goods. Contact us if you have something you would like to donate.

Please contact John Scott and Amy Nahley at if you can assist with any of the above items. We are grateful for any help you can provide as our community prepares to welcome and support a family who will be rebuilding their lives and making a home here with us.

With gratitude and peace,

John Scott and Amy Nahley (Co-Chairs)

and the Welcoming Refugee Ministry Team

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