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  • Snowden Stanley, Sr. Warden

Grateful For Our Community

We all know that for many years The Church of the Good Shepherd has been a very active supporter of many programs assisting our neighbors in the greater Baltimore Community. Habitat for Humanity, Paul’s Place, ACTC, Our Daily Bread and many others have been the beneficiaries of the energy, talent and funds from generations of our members who have just assumed that helping others less fortunate than themselves is an essential part of their duty as Christians.

For me, September 9, 2017 marked a wonderful new step on that journey. On that date the “army” commanded by Amy Nahley and John Scott moved Lesli Ordonez and her children, Sherlyn, Axel and Hansel into their new home in Drumcastle Apartments. The family has been seeking asylum from violence in their home in Honduras.

Good Shepherd’s connection with the family arose as a result of the long service by Gretchen Garman as a volunteer for Asylee Womens Enterprise (AWE), a Catholic organization working to help women and children seeking asylum in the US. Originally, our group had mobilized to assist a refugee family through Lutheran Social Services, but, when developments in Washington rendered that effort very uncertain,we all pivoted quickly to help Lesli and her children.

This campaign is far from over. The continued support of many will be needed for some time to come. Right now all of us can take pride in the fact that this family is living in their own apartment, near shops, public transit lines and friends. Lesli is working with AWE to obtain her work permit and social security card. The two school age children are enrolled in a fine public school.

For me the most gratifying part of this story is that our coalition included well over 25 Good Shepherd members, each contributing important support needed to bring about the move. I am certain that each will continue to contribute to this effort in the coming months as the Spirit moves them and the needs arise.

This story is another example of how Good Shepherd is a compassionate community making a difference in the lives of those in our community. It is another reason I am grateful to be a member of this church family. - Snowden Stanley, Sr. Warden '18

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