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  • Sydney Lavin

Helping Hands

The ASP trip to Knott County, Kentucky was super fun! Our church and St. Martin’s in the Field were split up into groups and drove down in 5 vans. Getting to know the other youth from St. Martin’s was very welcoming.

There were also other churches from around the country. Our groups were able to work on assigned houses that needed work such as a new tin roof, a porch, insulation, or new painted walls. The families of each home were very welcoming and we were able to create a bond with them, even if we didn’t work on their house. This trip made us appreciate the things that we have and realize that helping others can be a god-given moment.

In our parish we give thanks for Sydney Lavin, Julian Henson-Mecci, Chris Schonewald, Rob Scott and the youth of St. Martin’s in the Field for their mission trip to Central Appalachia. May they continue to grow in the knowledge of God’s transformational love in community and in service. Give us grace to do your will in all that we undertake; That our works may find favor in your sight. Amen.

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