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What is Camp Imagination?

Camp Imagination is a summer camp program started by Amanda Talbot through the youth ministry at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in the Franklin Square neighborhood of Baltimore City. Amanda is a Baltimore City School teacher and has introduced children ages 8 – 13 to the Creative Arts, Writing, Acting, and Positive Personal Achievement. This camp provides a clean, safe, kind atmosphere where children can grow educationally and spiritually. Church of Good Shepherd members embraced the camp and worked with Amanda over the past 4 years to help grow the program. In 2018, the camp was moved from St. Luke’s, where lack of space became an

issue, due to its success, to Good Shepherd. Each day the children climb aboard a bus and are brought to Good Shepherd where space and air-conditioned facilities abound. Educational professionals, who Amanda and others have found, will be helping these children grow and enjoy this summer with programming specifically developed for a summer camp atmosphere. Healthy food combined with healthy, safe surroundings will bring smiles and laughter to our church again this summer. The children at St. Luke’s are so polite and grateful that an atmosphere of love abounds. I am learning how much I can give to a group of children who dream of a safe place to go after school each day. The kids at St. Luke’s allow me to grow spiritually, and I hope I can return to them just as much I receive. At lunch, eating fresh vegetables, fruit and a good sandwich may be their only meal of the day. When a 7 year old comes up for seconds of raw broccoli and carrots, I can only smile while they pile the veggies on their plate and then they say, “Thank You”.

This year the camp will run Monday through Friday from July 22–August 2. To learn more about SLYC

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