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  • Cynthia Fraser

Good Shepherd Continues to Serve our Ministries Responsibly during the Pandemic

Good Shepherd is continuing to serve our various ministries responsibly. Last week Arianne+ shared with the vestry that the church had an abundance of toilet paper and cleaning supplies in stock that were going unused since the church is closed. The vestry agreed to donate these supplies to Asylee Women Enterprise (AWE), an organization that supports asylum seekers in a myriad of ways. Good Shepherd has partnered with them for almost three years, and Arianne+ serves on their board. Since the pandemic, AWE has worked with volunteers to create pop-up pantries and deliver food and supplies to people in need. Good Shepherd was able to contribute about 125 rolls of toilet paper, hand soap, and household cleaners. Ali Huff joined Arianne+ to bring all the supplies from the church to their office. While they couldn't bring anything into the building, Tiffany Nelms, Executive Director extended her gratitude on behalf of all the families AWE serves.

You can learn more about the work of AWE and how you can support them in reaching out to some of the most vulnerable families and children in Baltimore.

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