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  • Cynthia Fraser

Adopt a SLYC Family for Christmas

This year Christmas is going to look a lot different for all of us, but we know we can always count on our Good Shepherd community. Due to the pandemic, Good Shepherd can’t host a Christmas Café for the children of SLYC, but the Outreach Committee has found a way to continue our support for our SLYC friends. You can adopt a child or a family and provide them with gifts through an Amazon Gift list.

21 families need our help this year, and each family is creating a “wish list” on Amazon. You can pick out a gift from the list or donate for an entire family. Then, Amazon will deliver the gifts right to each family’s front door step. The Outreach Committee also decided to provide an Amazon gift card for food so they can buy essentials and/or enjoy a nice Christmas dinner.

If you would like to help or have any questions, please email or call Stephanie Bartal Lubitz at or 410-382-4567. Let her know how much you would like to donate, and she will tell you how you can be part of this gifting effort by assigning you a family or connecting you with others to create a “Giving Family”. Sign up before December 14th to ensure delivery and to help these kids and their families have a merry Christmas!

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