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  • Tina Thomas

Lenten Reflection: Thursday in the Second Week of Lent

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them. (Matthew, 18:20)

The Sacred Ground curriculum was a perfect example of a group gathered in His name. After spending over 15 hours with my Sacred Ground group, I can honestly say that we became a beloved community. One of the special things that came out of our group meetings was the consideration each member gave to the others in the group. People really listened and were thoughtful in discussions. At the beginning of the curriculum, we all committed to keeping all our conversations confidential and because of this, everyone felt comfortable to share stories in their lives that were hard to share. I strongly encourage you to take part in this very thoughtful and eye-opening curriculum.

-Tina Thomas

When have you experienced being part of a beloved community?

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