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Tina Thomas, Sr. Warden

The senior warden works with the rector on many long and short term ministry projects. The senior warden is appointed by the rector, approved by the vestry and generally serves a term of three years.

Bill Baker, Jr. Warden

The junior warden works with the rector and the Building and Grounds committee on building and maintenance issues. The junior warden is appointed by the rector, approved by the vestry and generally serves a term of three years.

The Vestry

The vestry is the “board” of the church and works with the rector to engage the congregation in leadership ministry. The vestry is responsible for the annual operating budget and partnering with committees in all areas of congregational life. Members of the vestry are elected every year at the Annual Meeting (May) and generally serve three years.  

Bill Nesbitt, Treasurer  

Missy Adams

Liza Ebeling

Cynthia Fraser, Registrar

Mary Ellen Gervais

Harry C. Gormley, Jr.

Jill Hanson

Brooke Riegel

Marge Rodgers 

Barry Rollins

Rebecca Williams

Meet the New Vestry

To start with now – I am a mother of three wonderful daughters; grandmother to five beautiful grandchildren – 3 are local (you would have seen the two boys at church with me if you generally attend the 10:00 service) and 2 live in New York. I am a nurse but in a non-traditional nursing role.  I also have a doctoral degree in health administration where my studies focused on outcome measurements for the kind of program I run.  I work in population health management and have been the VP of a large company that had a department of more than 300 nurses. I oversaw that department and designed the model we practiced.  I left a few years ago and have started a new company.  It is in its infancy. The title of a book I recently published will give you an idea of how I practice. The title is “The Role of Love in Building and Sustaining a Business”. 
To go back to a little bit of my history – I am from Connecticut but have lived in Maryland for more than 30 years (I’m still a New Englander though). I was raised Roman Catholic but have been a practicing Episcopalian for more than 40 years. I came to the Church of the Good Shepherd (COGS) almost four years ago and previous to that I worshipped at the Cathedral and St. Luke’s. I serve on the board of the Children’s Peace Center which is the organization that sponsors the annual All God’s Children (AGC) camp where I act as the camp nurse. During AGC almost four years ago Van Gardner told me about the COGS and the partnership between COGS and St. Luke’s.  That brought me to visit the COGS right after camp – which was in August.  Visiting a church in August is not a great idea because there is pretty much no one there.  But, realizing my poor timing, I came back in September and found a lively, warm church with a passionate commitment to mission. I am honored to serve the church through the role of vestry member.    

Mary Ellen Gervais

I have been a member of CoGS congregation since 2012 along with my family, which includes my husband, Chris, and my two boys, Brett (16) and Cole (13). When I first joined CoGS I taught Sunday school for a number of years. More recently my family has been involved with the Loaves and Fishes program that is run by Sue Cesar at the St. Ignatius parish downtown. Two years ago I became the CoGS liaison for the program. Professionally I work at Johns Hopkins University in their Physics and Astronomy department as a Senior Grants and Contract Analyst. We live in Rodgers Forge. I am looking forward to this new opportunity to serve the church community. 

Jill Hanson

 My name is Marge Rodgers.  I am a lifelong Episcopalian, baptized by the Church of England and confirmed into the Episcopal Church by the Dioceses of Pennsylvania.  My journey to Good Shepherd occurred when I relocated to Baltimore County, MD in 2015.  Searching for church, I visited several of the surrounding episcopal churches in the area over a few weeks.  It took only one visit to Good Shepherd to feel connected to this welcoming church community.  The setting, church design, worship and, most of all, the warm reception I experienced that Sunday morning for me to know my search was complete.  
Professionally, I have been trained as an educator and a physical therapist.  I have worked with the Baltimore County School System before pursuing as second career as a physical therapist.  While completing my graduate training, in physical therapy, I held a Director of Education position for St George’s Episcopal Church, Maplewood in the Dioceses of Newark, New Jersey.  In 1984, I returned to Maryland working as a physical therapist in a variety of patient care settings.  Today, I work as a Department Administrator at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. 
I have been fortunate throughout my life to experience rich and rewarding opportunities to serve the church.  Growing up in a family with strong church community ties for three generations, it seemed quite natural to me that I would follow that example.  I have served in a variety of roles, Sunday School education, youth activities and leader, outreach and program development.  Good Shepherd has welcomed me in for which I am very grateful.  It would be my privilege to serve Good Shepherd as a member of its vestry.   

Marge Rodgers
RODGERS marge.jpg

My wife Muffie and I have been active members at COGs for over 25 years. Our 2 children Billy and Gini were confirmed in the late 90's. Both are now married and have blessed us with 2 grandkids with another expected in early March.
I graduated from McDonogh School in 1974 and returned there to work in the alumni office and coach squash in 2007. I just retired in June 2020. Previously, I spent 28 years in the mortgage banking industry after graduating from Washington College in 1978. I served my first term on the vestry 8 years ago.
I enjoy squash, golf, tennis, Ravens/O's and spending as much time as we can at our beach home outside Bethany.

Barry Rollins